What is ALL CLOUD?

Services like Office 365 provide specific services like Email and Skype for Business. Office 365 will not provide you a server to run your Quickbooks, Great Plains, or other software packages. These types of services are called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. Microsoft’s version is Azure, Amazon’s is Amazon Web Services, and HP, IBM, and Vmware all have their versions. We call these providers Public IaaS Clouds. You also have many other providers that can provide the same services but can be customized to exactly what you need. These providers we call Private IaaS providers. ION247 Allcloud service will employ either Private or Public providers to meet our client’s needs.

Why would I consider IaaS at all?

Today, if you have a server(s) in your office, then you have several events that may affect the availability of that server. 

  • What happens to the server when the power goes out?
  • What happens to the application that is on the server if the Internet goes down?
  • How often is the server backed up? 
  • If the server becomes corrupt how long will it be down? 
  • If the hardware failed, how long will you be down?

With IaaS, the server is hosted in data centers that have more redundancy than your office.  The server can be backed up more often with no performance impacts and the server can be restored quicker.

When would I consider IaaS?

If your server is getting old, then that is the perfect time to consider IaaS.  If you are switching an application, then the new application could be configured to be hosted in an IaaS environment.

How do I get started with understanding the cost of Allcloud?

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