3 Common Network Security Risks and How an IT Support Provider in Orlando Can Prevent Them

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Having IT support in Orlando gives your business the ultimate protection against a variety of threats. A vulnerable network leads to a wide range of issues, such as downtime that results in many hours of lost productivity for employees. Here are three of the most common network security risks that businesses face each day and how an IT support provider can help you protect your network from these risks:

1. Viruses & Malware

One of the main threats to a computer network is viruses and malware. These cyber threats only continue to grow in complexity and pose significant risks to companies small and large. Viruses and malware can corrupt critical files and cause you to lose valuable data. However, creating data backups each day is one of the most effective ways to recover from these devastating attacks. An IT service provider can automatically create data backups every day to ensure that your company is always well-prepared for any situation.

2. Software Vulnerabilities

Software vulnerabilities are another common security threat that companies face. Outdated software exposes your company to significant security risks and limits the productivity of employees. However, an IT support provider in Orlando will automatically download software updates as soon as they become available. Ultimately, this limits the chance of experiencing any software vulnerabilities while also allowing employees to focus on their core job responsibilities.

3. Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals can cause devastating damage to your business by hacking into the computer network. These hackers can steal confidential data, login credentials, and expose trade secrets. The best way to counteract these threats is to partner with an IT service provider that offers around-the-clock monitoring services. This proactive approach will limit the damage of any cyber attack and give you peace of mind to know that your network is always well-protected.

Choosing to work with an IT support provider in Orlando can give your company the best protection against any threats to your computer network. Viruses and malware, software vulnerabilities, and cybercriminals are just a few of the many dangers that businesses face on a daily basis. However, ION247 is a managed service provider (MSP) that has extensive experience in network security and helping companies to reach their full potential with the latest technology. We also strive to offer the best customer support available, as we value building long-term and successful relations with each client.

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