3 Common Threats in the Healthcare Industry and Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in Orlando for Protection

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Cybersecurity is always a top concern in the healthcare industry, and a managed IT services provider in Orlando can help keep your healthcare business protected against any cyber threats. A managed service provider (MSP) provides around-the-clock monitoring services and is always available for any IT assistance. Instead of becoming the next victim of a cyber attack, an MSP will give your healthcare organization the ultimate protection against any cyber threats.

Here are just three common threats in the healthcare industry and why partnering with an MSP is the perfect solution to protect your business:

1. Hackers

Being the fourth largest industry in the United States, the healthcare industry is the prime target for hackers. These cybercriminals are always looking for ways to gain access to confidential information to sell for a substantial profit on the dark web. However, you can prevent the vast majority of hacking incidents by partnering with a managed IT services provider in Orlando that monitors network systems at all times and provides additional training sessions for employees in the healthcare industry.

2. Lack of Endpoint Security

An MSP can improve your endpoint security, as they focus on providing endpoint security for remote devices, such as a smartphone or laptops. They will help you create a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy to ensure that your healthcare organization is always well-protected by using multifactor authentication, performing frequent endpoint scans, and always keeping each system updated with the latest security upgrades.

3. Security Vulnerabilities

An MSP will also ensure that your healthcare organization receives the maximum protection against cyber threats by always patching any vulnerabilities within the system. These patches will significantly reduce the chance of any successful cyber attack and will enable your entire computer system to operate much more efficiently. An MSP will also back up all critical files to the cloud to ensure that your healthcare organization never has to give in to the demands of a cybercriminal.

Choosing to partner with a managed IT services provider in Orlando offers many advantages and will protect your healthcare organization from the vast number of cyber threats. ION247 is an MSP that offers flexible IT support for a wide variety of healthcare organizations. We understand that new cyber threats emerge all of the time, and it is our mission to keep organizations, including medical organizations, well-protected through patch management services, around-the-clock monitoring, and endpoint security. To learn more about the many ways that an MSP can keep your healthcare organization protected against cyber threats, feel free to contact us!