3 Simple Salting Tips from Managed IT Services Experts in Birmingham

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If you are interested in improving the security of your password data, you should discuss the possibility of salting with your managed IT services provider in Birmingham. Salting is an effective process which makes it difficult for hackers to crack passwords. In general, the salting procedure involves adding a string of random data to a password.

This data along with the plain password is put through hashing. Hashing processes the data and generates a data value which is stored as a representative of the password. As a result, salting makes it complicated for hackers to determine passwords by looking through the password database. Here are three simple tips to ensure security through salting:

1. Utilize Unique Salts

Salting is an effective process for keeping your commercial passwords secure. However, there is no foolproof method for guaranteeing that any computer system or network will not be hacked. For instance, an attacker can reverse engineer the hashing and salting process to determine the plain password. Therefore, it is important for you to use unique salts for each password and user in your database. In addition, plan for the change of the salt if the user changes their password.

2. Use a Data Generator

You should consult a managed IT services provider in Birmingham on the possibility of acquiring an algorithm or program for generating salts for your user database. The number generator will make it easy for quick generation of unique salts. Under normal circumstances, the system should be able to generate pseudo-random data values, and it should be cryptographically secure to prevent its use by other parties for cracking your passwords. After installation, this algorithm or program will always generate random and unpredictable salts.

3. Choose Long Salts

Like short passwords, short salting values are easier to reverse engineer. If a hacker has the right resources, they might be able to figure out the password with time. Therefore, you must ensure that this vulnerability is eliminated for more security. In an ideal situation, your salt value should be as long as the stored hashed values in your database. With the length, it will be difficult to conduct reverse look-up. It is also important to ensure that users are using strong and long passwords. When the passwords are combined with long salts, your network will be exceptionally secure.

Protecting your business computer systems and securing your network is essential for preventing breaches. If you are interested in learning how to protect your company through salting from an experienced managed IT services provider in Birmingham, contact us at ION247!