3 Ways IT Companies in Birmingham Can Help Businesses Develop a BYOD Policy

IT companies in Birmingham

A bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is widely popular in today's workplace, and a lot of businesses partner with IT companies in Birmingham to take full advantage of this policy. A BYOD policy offers a wide range of benefits, which includes increasing employee productivity and reducing equipment costs. However, a BYOD plan also has a few risks, and it is essential to use an IT service company that understands the best way to develop a safe and secure BYOD policy for each employee.

Here are just three ways that IT companies develop an effective BYOD policy for businesses:

1. Always Use Passcodes

One of the best ways to keep data from falling into the wrong hands is to always require passcodes for each device. These passcodes should always be a complex password and never something as simple as "123". You can also require fingerprint identification as an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to any mobile devices or laptops that contain confidential information.

2. Mobile Device Management

IT companies in Birmingham give businesses access to mobile device management (MDM) for the ultimate protection. MDM allows you to easily track devices from any location and it also gives an IT provider the ability to lock these devices at any time. A managed service provider (MSP) can also wipe the data clean from these devices if they ever become lost or stolen.

3. Virus & Malware Prevention

IT companies can prevent viruses and malware from infecting any types of mobile devices in the workplace. A managed service provider (MSP) will periodically scan each device to ensure that everything is operating normally without any traces of malware or viruses. An IT company will immediately quarantine any infected devices and remove malicious software before it can spread into other areas and cause widespread damage.

IION247 is one of the leading IT companies in Birmingham that can help your business take advantage of mobile devices without jeoparding the security of your business. With many years of experience in the industry, we can help your company develop an effective BYOD policy by always enforcing passcodes, mobile device management, and protecting your devices from malicious software. Our IT experts are always available to answer any questions, as our goal is always to meet and exceed the expectations of each client. To learn more about the many benefits of a BYOD policy in the workplace, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation.