Building Reliable IT Support in Orlando

IT support Orlando

Outsourcing IT support in Orlando is a viable option for protecting your business against cyber attacks. Times have changed since the early nineties when purchasing a firewall and antivirus software was all you needed to protect your network. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it's important to make your infrastructure as secure as possible, which is why working with IT experts is essential.

How MSSPs Protect Businesses

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a firm that manages the security aspects of IT support in Orlando. It's a way to save thousands of dollars by working with highly skilled technicians for less expense instead of an in-house IT staff. Specialists who work for MSSPs are usually certified and are more likely to keep up with new technology than in-house IT employees. MSSPs have access to cybersecurity applications and provide expertise that blocks hackers.

Another advantage to working with an MSSP is that their technicians can provide around-the-clock support to fix problems. By partnering with a team of security experts, you will be well-prepared for a disaster. Your IT team will already be familiar with how to combat cyber threats and will be able to respond quickly. An MSSP can also provide automated solutions for monitoring vulnerabilities in your system, as well as penetration tests for maximum security. 

Security Beyond Your MSSP

It's important to realize that an MSSP is not a complete security solution. You still need an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to interact with the MSSP, which operates more as a consultant. By working with IT experts, you will be able to update your security software properly and take proactive steps to protect your network.

Check the Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that you have a clear understanding of what your MSSP's responsibilities are. One of your main considerations when deciding on a security consultant is the degree of control you are willing to give up. Find out how they troubleshoot, how much time they need to fix issues and how committed they are to maintaining your business continuity.

You can upgrade your cybersecurity by outsourcing IT support in Orlando to an experienced MSSP. The more advanced hackers get, the more your business needs to stay one step ahead. Contact us at ION247 for more information on how to protect your data so that you can spend more time on expanding your business.