Establish a Data Backup Strategy with Managed IT Services in Birmingham

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The modern business environment is characterized by troves of big data, and thankfully, managed IT services providers in Birmingham offer affordable data storage and backup solutions. Without solutions such as cloud storage, the need to store high volumes of data and leverage it would be tough for all enterprises.

Still, access to backup and storage technologies is not enough to ensure the success of your business. You need a reliable data backup strategy, which is appropriate for your specific business needs.

Here’s how to establish a failsafe data backup strategy:

Embrace Automation

The leading cause of failed backups is the use of a traditional approach that prioritizes the location and the protection of data. This process requires the IT staff to manually back up data to a NAS device, a local or remote server. However, without measures in place to eliminate human errors, a backup plan can’t suffice since humans are prone to mistakes.

For example, if your backup policy requires the saving of files after 0.25hours, your employees will be distracted from their core activities over 30 times per day. In turn, you’ll register a decrease in productivity, and they’re likely going to miss some intervals.

In contrast, automated backup systems only need to be configured once and will execute backups unfailingly at the set time intervals.

Configure Backups at the Source

Managed IT services providers in Birmingham help businesses achieve full-scale backups by setting up the process at the source, device-level. This ensures that all the files sitting on the employees’ devices and corporate desktops are saved too; failure to do results in catastrophic loss of the productivity value of the files containing in-progress work.

Moreover, employees typically move files to the central destination once they’re done preparing their projects, and if you only back up from the central destination, the server, you’re at risk of data loss.

Adopt Disaster Protected Storage

Disaster protected storage features leading-edge, hardened storage devices in the form of NAS and DAS equipment. These pieces of equipment ensure that your onsite storage media is protected from disasters such as fire and water, in the event of a disaster. Thus, they allow you to recover data that hadn’t been backed up to offsite storage.


Instead of opting for a fixed strategy, partnering with a managed IT services provider in Birmingham like ION247 can boost your capacity and flexibility to cope with changes in your storage needs. Also, with the reality of severe cybersecurity breaches, you need the best protection your organization can get. We can help you back up and secure your data with a holistic approach. Contact us today for more information.