IT Companies in Birmingham and Their Approach to Secure Migrations

IT companies in Birmingham

Many businesses are considering moving all or part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud with the help of IT companies in Birmingham. It is generally thought of as a secure, reliable way to modernize systems without the huge capital outlay for new software and hardware. The only fly in the ointment, however, is if a company has a large number of legacy systems that need to be transferred safely.

Problems with Legacy Systems

Unfortunately, during the modernization and migration process, legacy systems can fall foul of incomplete and unexpected security problems which can ruin the whole cloud migration operation. Proper care and attention has to be taken with the following issues so that the eventual migration is carried out smoothly.

Sensitive Data Retrieval

If you have partnered with one of the IT companies in Birmingham to help you with your migration, they need to be aware of the different types of data you hold and who has access to it. Obviously, it is important that all the data that needs to be transferred is included without corruption, but occasionally there are different access levels for users of the system that have to be maintained.

If sensitive data were to be made accidentally available to the wrong user with less of a security clearance, then both standards compliance and security would be compromised.

Inefficient Migration Processes

As the migration process itself is generally longer than some companies are willing to wait, there can be a tendency to rush things which includes using outdated or inefficient tools to run the migration. If this happens, the result may be a weakened system that could be attacked by hackers or damaged databases and software because of missing or corrupted transfer processes.

For example, data will usually be encrypted to keep it safe during the move. If this is not carried out properly, it may result in data that can no longer be read, decrypted or even found. Well-structured processes and tools that make sure everything functions as it should do after the migration are essential in keeping your systems secure and protected from cybercrime.


Legacy systems can often create new problems during and after migration because their specific nuances are misunderstood. It is essential that all differences and security issues are fully interpreted to ensure a smooth migration.

If you would like to migrate your legacy systems to the cloud with one of the IT companies in Birmingham, we at ION247 are waiting for your call. We have successfully implemented many cloud migrations and understand all the potential issues and security implications. Contact us now to see how we can help.