How IT Companies in Birmingham Can Help Your Firm Stay HIPAA-Compliant

IT companies in Birmingham

Is your firm HIPAA-compliant? Oftentimes, business owners brush off this concern thinking that HIPAA compliance is only reserved to large hospitals and medical organizations. In truth and in practice, small to medium businesses (SMBs) also need to focus on being HIPAA-compliant. As a business owner, you are duty-bound to ensure that you maintain the security of data entrusted to you by your patients and customers. If your firm can be classified as a medical service provider, then you have no choice to ensure that you adhere to the regulations on data documentation and security. Although this might sound daunting, you can achieve this with the help of IT companies in Birmingham. Here's how tech companies can help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance:


IT companies in Birmingham can help you to ensure that all your devices (laptops, desktop computers, iPads, and other mobile devices) are properly encrypted. This will help protect your network against malware.

Define Access Levels

An IT company can define who has access to what type of data. By doing so, this will ensure that you are always on the know of who access what part of your critical data and for what purpose. This will, in effect, protect you from internal data theft.

Establish and Enforce a Password Policy

You can work with an IT company to come up with strong passwords to secure all your devices and accounts. These passwords should be changed regularly and their access should be limited to authorized personnel only.

Training for Employees

It is important to train all employees on HIPAA matters. Failure to train your employees can cause some serious breaches to the dictates of HIPAA. It is therefore important for you to partner with an IT company and contract them to conduct annual compliance training for your employees. This will equip your employees with the skills needed to deal with data security and remind them on the need to exercise best practices at all times.

Conducting Risk Analysis

Considering the hefty penalties that come from HIPAA non-compliance, it is important that you check all your systems and ensure that there are no chances of data. A timely risk analysis will help to check the strength and health of your data security and seal all loopholes and lapses that exist in your system.

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