IT Companies in Birmingham: Does Giving Employees Unlimited Access to the Web Benefit Your Business?

IT companies in Birmingham

The Internet has revolutionized the way companies do business. It offers the ability to gather information quickly, answer customer inquiries instantly, and handle business communications effectively. However, giving your employees unlimited access to the Internet can have negative consequences for your business, according to leading IT companies in Birmingham.

The Potential Risks of Giving Employees Unfettered Internet Access

It's important to understand the potential risks involved so you can decide if you need to limit access. Here are four risks to consider:

1. Increase in Cyber Attack Risk

When you don't limit the access an employee has to the Internet, you are leaving the doors wide open to potential cyber attacks. IT companies in Birmingham say hackers will use any opening to plant malware, including via email from seemingly legitimate companies or through downloads off of questionable sites.

Limiting access helps you lower the chance that an attacker will find a way in.

2. Increase in Opportunities for Employee Misconduct

Sexual content of any kind is completely inappropriate for the workplace. Yet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of allegations filed every year about sexual harassment involving pornographic materials being shown on company computers. It's a nightmare waiting to happen with unlimited Internet access.

Limiting access to sexually explicit websites should be the standard operating procedure in almost every company.

3. Increase in Liability Risk

Employers can be sued for allowing a hostile work environment to develop. One prime example is allowing employees to use violent or pornographic materials as a joke or prank. Placing strict limits on what is deemed appropriate and what is inappropriate protects the company from potential liability.

Limiting access is the first major step to protecting your business from a lawsuit.

4 Decrease in Employee Productivity

How much time do your employees spend on social media, shopping sites, or just browsing for no good reason? All of that time they spend doing these non-work related tasks costs you money in wages and lost opportunities.

Limiting access to certain sites will help keep your employees on task and more productive.

With these risks in mind, are you willing to take the chance? Should you put measures in place to reduce the possibility of these risks occurring in the first place?

One option to consider is web content filtering. It gives you the ability to block certain sites completely or to allow only certain personnel access to particular sites. If you would like to learn more about web content filtering, contact us at ION247. We are the leader among IT companies in Birmingham.