How IT Companies in Birmingham Improve Security

IT companies in Birmingham

The best of the IT companies in Birmingham understand how to protect your business from a data breach. Some of these firms operate as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), while others operate as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The main difference between the two is that an MSP sells a wide range of IT services, while MSSPs focus on security. Here are reasons to consider outsourcing to such providers:

The Risk of Ignoring Security

Cybersecurity is evolving, and so are hackers; it's becoming a contest to see who can outsmart the other. Experienced MSPs and MSSPs have the edge. Meanwhile, in-house IT teams are not always reliable at stopping hackers if they aren't motivated to keep up with new security solutions. When no one on your staff has cybersecurity training or experience, then you definitely ought to think about teaming up with security experts. They can steer you toward appropriate modern security solutions that make it too challenging for hackers to bother.

Many small businesses with tight budgets tend to cut corners on everything, including security. For years, they were able to get away with dodging these costs. But now, cyber threats are becoming more common. Even companies that rely on antivirus software need to understand that it's not good enough on its own to prevent breaches. You need multiple layers of security so that hackers realize they're wasting their time like trying to navigate through a maze of brick walls and locked doors with no windows.

Blocking Intruders

Some IT companies in Birmingham focus on responding to breaches, while others take a proactive approach to prevent future attacks. The most modern MSSPs have access to global databases that track security events, which help them stay up-to-date on how to detect and handle specific threats and attacks. One of the key roles that an MSSP plays is a security consultant who studies the client's infrastructure and looks for existing hidden vulnerabilities. 

MSSPs evaluate data, network activity, risks, policies, and procedures to craft internal and external security solutions. The various layers of security may involve antivirus software, a firewall, virtualization, and employee education about avoiding suspicious emails. If you allow employees to bring their own devices, then you need mobile device management (MDM) software, which helps security officials identify and block unwanted visitors on your network. A more advanced layer includes security information and event management (SIEM), which provides automated real-time analysis of security alerts.

Security-based IT companies in Birmingham are becoming more in demand as tension rises over escalating cybercrime. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we provide strong security solutions so that you can focus on your core business.