IT Companies in Orlando Can Help Facilitate Innovative MDM Solutions

IT companies Orlando

IT companies in Orlando can help you both transition to a more mobile operational structure and manage that which you're already working with.

Cloud computing has facilitated BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). While there are also DaaS (Device as a Service) options allowing companies to essentially "rent" tech for a recurrent monthly fee, these aren't quite as cost-effective as BYOD. However, BYOD is only cost-effective should the devices be properly managed. Quite a few considerations come to light when such management is approached. The right MSP can help you avoid common issues which complicate this productive mode of operation.

Some things to consider as you go about optimizing your mobile solutions with the right MDM strategy include:

Permissible Devices and Software

IT companies in Orlando can help you to identify which devices and which software--- including applications--- are going to be the safest for your business to use. Additionally, they can help you institute protocols which will naturally help prevent you from incidentally utilizing vulnerable devices or software. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any third-party app that hasn't been strictly vetted. 

Ongoing Management 

MDM requires sometimes continuous monitoring and support. How big is your mobile network? Will you need help desk support? Can devices be updated remotely? How much power does your business have over a device operating on its network? There are remote-shutdown and remote-wiping capabilities which can be designed into an MDM plan. What is most appropriate for you will be different than that which is most appropriate for another business; MSPs help you get the right MDM solutions.

Cost Responsibility

Who pays for what? Do your employees pay for tech fixes on the equipment they've sourced to complete work on your network? Or does your company cover those costs like some businesses do regarding maintenance on a company car? You'll need to decide this. It's probably best if you help employees by covering incidentals related to tech. This can get everything closer to the "same page", as it were. If you control equipment maintenance through an MSP, then all devices can be cataloged and monitored with greater ease. Additionally, they can be upgraded, patched, or even restricted from the network should it be determined that they pose an operational threat.

IT companies in Orlando like ION247 can help you design the best possible MDM solutions for your company. Using them can ensure your BYOD switch ends up netting you the return you deserve on such an investment. Contact us to help you get the most out of the mobile opportunities available today.