How IT Companies in Orlando Can Help SMBs Choose the Best Email Option

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IT companies in Orlando assist SMBs, and even larger corporations, with substantial cost reduction. If you're a small business, outsourced tech through MSPs can provide you greater operational potential at diminished cost.

Multiple Areas Can Be Optimized Via MSP

An on-site tech professional available full-time will cost you no less than $75k a year. You'll probably need at least four to keep an eye on systems around the clock; that's $300k. On-site equipment is also very expensive, as is its maintenance, and the space necessary to house it. Something else that can be collaterally costly but often goes unconsidered is software associated with operations; or infrastructural elements like email.

Many options exist in terms of email, but which best works for your business may be different from even similarly-situated competitors. In terms of consultation, the right MSP can help you choose from several email options. In brief, several will be explored here:

Operating from a Personal Email Address

IT companies in Orlando may not initially advise you to make any sort of change to your existing email address. While it's a bit unprofessional to have "@gmail" or something similar end in your email address, it can be perfectly reasonable for many small businesses--up to a point. However, hosting email on a server with a specific address "" looks much more professional.

Business Email at the Basic Level

A business email opens up your choices and gives you increased access potential. There is software you can download onto your desktop or device which will store emails internally.

Post Office Protocol (POP) is the earliest form of email protocol. With POP, emails are stored on one primary device to which they are downloaded and the server of the email provider.

Modern email protocol IMAP is a more flexible alternative for many businesses. IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. Emails are stored on remote servers. You can access them from any device, and changes you make on separate devices will be reflected in your inbox.

Exchange Servers and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange allows for effective sharing of files and documentation between networks. Cloud collaboration using IMAP additionally expands utility, and solutions like 365 have all sorts of options for internal email use that can allow a company to distribute multiple company email addresses. Reaching out to IT companies can be key in helping you understand what potential is here.

The Best Option for Your Business

ION247 is one of the leading IT companies in Orlando that help SMBs find the best email options. Whether you should go with a personal email address, a business email address, or an exchange server in connection with a solution like Office 365 will depend on your business. Contact us now for more information.