How IT Companies in Orlando Can Protect Your Business from Cryptojacking

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Cryptojacking is a significant threat for any business but partnering with IT companies in Orlando can keep your organization well-protected. Many companies are unaware of the dangers of cryptojacking, as cybercriminals focus on mining for digital currencies by gaining unauthorized access to computers and other devices. Of course, mining for cryptocurrency requires the use of significant resources, which results in computer slow-down and malfunctioning equipment. Many cybercriminals use phishing tactics to trick employees into downloading these malicious links that result in cryptojacking.

Interested in learning more about cybersecurity? Here are three ways an IT provider can protect your company from the dangers of cryptojacking:

Update Antivirus Software

Staying up-to-date with the latest antivirus software upgrades is key to protecting your company against all forms of viruses and malware. An IT support company will automatically update your anti-virus software with the newest version available and ensure that it is operating on each computer. Anti-virus software automatically scans each incoming email and plays a vital role in reducing the threat of cryptojacking and many other malicious cyber-attacks.

Monitor Network Traffic

IT companies in Orlando will also monitor your network at all times for any unusual activity, such as unexplained slow-down or malfunctioning equipment. These around the clock monitoring services will prevent any potential security threats from developing into a large-scale issue and spreading to other areas within your network. Proactive IT support will also check your browser extensions to ensure that no computer is infected with any versions of malware that mines for cryptocurrency.

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber awareness training is essential in helping employees identify cyber-attacks and minimizing downtime in the workplace. These cyber awareness training sessions can be scheduled as often as needed, whether it is on a monthly or weekly basis. Educating employees on the threats of cryptojacking is one of the most effective ways to prevent businesses from becoming the next victim of cybercriminals.

Cryptojacking will only continue to become a more widespread problem due to the popularity of digital currencies. However, using IT companies in Orlando can keep your business protected against these ever-evolving threats. ION247 is a managed service provider that offers flexible IT support to meet the needs of small businesses. We understand that new cyber threats continue to emerge each day and it is our mission to provide your company with the ultimate protection against cryptojacking. We also focus on protecting your business from a wide range of cyber threats in today's work environment. For more information, contact us today to learn more about the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace.