IT Companies in Orlando: When Does a Business Need a Network Assessment?

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As your business expands, it is likely that your network will also expand across your infrastructure. This may make it a bit difficult to monitor and manage all fronts in terms of processes, performance, and security. To run a growing network effectively, you need to perform a network assessment with the help of IT companies in Orlando.

Definition of a Network Assessment

A network assessment is a comprehensive review of an existing business structure, management, security, performance, and processes and identifying solutions that will increase the efficiency of your overall network and infrastructure.

What Are the Indicators That You Need a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is highly recommended if you are changing, adapting, or shifting your network structure. If your business has recently expanded or is dealing with disorganization or mismanagement, you also need an immediate network assessment.

Here are more instances when IT companies in Orlando recommend a network assessment:

  • Slow Performances

If you are constantly receiving complaints about the network being sluggish, slow, and temperamental, a network assessment will help you identify the issue and resolve it permanently.

  • Network Security Issues

If your business experiences frequent security breaches like viruses and malware attacks, it's time to enhance your network security by first conducting an assessment.

  • Communication Breakdowns

When communications channels such as emails and video chats are not working properly, the business becomes disintegrated causing stress for the employees. At this point, you need an assessment to solve the communication issue for everything to run smoothly.

  • Business Expansions or Upgrades

Before you upgrade or expand your business, do an assessment to ensure that it is fit for any changes.

  • Future Planning

The goal of all business owners is to be successful now and in the future. A network assessment will clear out any issues that may hinder you from succeeding tomorrow. It is essential in your planning.

How Does Network Assessment Help with Planning?

  • A network assessment reveals potential problems and you can fix them so that everything runs smoothly.

  • You also get a clear picture of your current business status, enabling you to adapt your plans and grow your vision.

  • A network assessment makes you know your network well, enabling you to sail smoothly.

To get a useful network assessment, it is best to partner with IT companies in Orlando. This will give you an unbiased perspective on your network status. At ION247, we provide network assessment services among many other managed IT services. Contact us today and our professionals will be here to help you make the right network choices.