How IT Companies in Orlando Help Realize Successful Cloud Migration

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Moving to the cloud is a necessity to realize efficiency in the workplace. Fortunately, IT companies in Orlando offer cutting-edge solutions to help businesses with cloud migration. Migrating to the cloud is a demanding undertaking, but with the help of a reliable technology vendor, you’ll achieve a smooth transition.

Your select vendor will help you determine which workloads to manage internally and what should be run on the cloud. They’ll also guide you on compliance issues, for example, the application licensing strategies used for cloud-based software.

Below are more considerations they can help you with:


Servers, network subnets, and data transfer run differently on the cloud, and leading IT companies in Orlando can help make your computing infrastructure cloud ready. For example, earlier versions of software applications without technical support from the developer will be retired. Instead, you’ll have cloud-ready applications. This will save you from the trouble of failed cloud integration and an exhausting learning curve.

Besides, you’ll have professional support in selecting areas that need shallow cloud integration and modifying others for deep cloud integration. For instance, on-site applications that require basic changes to run on the cloud environment are suited for shallow cloud integration.

However, for advanced systems and cloud-native apps, you’ll need deep cloud integration to exploit cloud capabilities. You’ll deploy dynamic load balancing and scaling utilities or cloud-specific data storage such as Amazon S3.


Different workloads have varying requirements on the cloud, for example, some applications have high service expectations and fail to work in the public cloud, which offers a low service level object (SLO). To avoid such issues, the technology vendor will establish compatible cloud migration architecture to meet your specific computing needs.

You’ll also have technical support to help with decision-making throughout the migration process, for example, defining migration priorities and production transition methods. The planning will take into account all aspects of your business technology and the core objectives. As a result, you’ll have a successful cloud design and migration strategy.

Cloud Security

Security is a critical part of the cloud environment; your organization’s data need maximum protection from hacking attempts and possible data loss, caused by natural disasters. Complying with data security regulations will provide you with data protection and free you from penalization by regulatory authorities.

If you opt for a third-party cloud provider, you’ll need to review the SLA to ensure secure and safe authentication and data access authorization.

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