IT Companies in Orlando: The Pros and Cons of BYOD and Mobility

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As what IT companies in Orlando have observed, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has brought a lot of changes to the way people work. From a company's perspective, there are definite advantages brought by these changes. However, for all the good it has brought, there are also challenges.

Let's examine both the pros and cons of BYOD and increased mobility:

The Advantages of BYOD

  • It offers employees greater flexibility - Employees can work from just about anywhere that has an Internet or WiFi connection. It can be at work, on the road, or at home.

  • It can increase productivity - Having greater flexibility can increase productivity since employees can do their work from anywhere, allowing them to get things done outside the office.

  • It reduces capital expenditures - Companies that require employees to carry company-owned devices put out thousands of dollars in IT capital expenditures every year. If you implement BYOD, you won't need to shell out your money for work devices anymore.

  • It makes for happier employees - People tend to prefer that which is familiar. Being able to use the same device for personal and business, as well as the increased flexibility, makes many employees happier.

  • It makes the company more attractive to job seekers - Job seekers often prefer companies that offer the BYOD option. This makes the company more likely to get acceptances from job recruits who appreciate this option.

  • It allows for better customer service - Being able to resolve a customer problem from anywhere at any time will impress your customers.

The Disadvantages of BYOD

  • It increases the chances of data being compromised - This is the biggest disadvantage by far, according to IT companies in Orlando. It requires a comprehensive mobile security policy that is constantly updated and strictly enforced. Making exceptions to the policy means making compromises to your data security.

  • It raises concerns over employee privacy - Because employees have company applications and data on their personal devices, the company has an interest in what happens on that device. There is a fine line between an employee's privacy and the company's interests.

  • It complicates employee termination - How do you handle the apps and data stored on an employee's device when that person quits or gets fired?

  • It requires constant tracking and vigilance - With so many devices attached to your network, you need to manage and track each device, what it accesses, and whether it might have been compromised.

Whether you adopt BYOD or not, it is a subject that you need to know about. If you want to learn more or want advice on how to implement it in a safe way, contact us at ION247. We are the security leaders of IT companies in Orlando.