How IT Companies in Orlando Secure Virtualized Environments

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Despite its numerous benefits, virtualization is vulnerable to security breaches, but leading IT companies in Orlando excel in thwarting such risks. Protecting virtualized environments is critical, especially in response to cybersecurity threats in the modern technology landscape.

Applying basic security measures that protect your onsite computer networks is inadequate for securing your virtualized infrastructure. The inherent risks common in virtual computing include:

  • Architectural design

  • Hypervisor software corruption

  • Configuration errors

These risks are compounded by the complexity of monitoring virtual network traffic and the management of dormant virtual machines.

Here's how IT companies in Orlando can protect your virtual machines against these risk with the following strategies:


This involves the separation of the various development, testing, and production of virtual machines. The centrality of the hypervisor presents a single point of failure, from which all virtual machines can be hijacked. It helps mitigate hyperjacking.

Therefore, establishing a strict operational procedure prevents unauthorized access so that only secure functionality and administration of virtualization is used. Besides, the ability of virtual machines to communicate with each other and the actual hardware is limited to prevent hyperjacking, too.

As a result, machines with varying levels of security and data classification will be grouped based on trust levels. As such, they'll be isolated from each other to prevent the spread of an infection by a compromised virtual machine.

Consolidation of VMs Based on Overflow

The lack of control over the internal software-based virtual networks of VM communications and the lack of visibility into these networks pose a significant security risk. The traffic over virtual networks is not visible to hardware-based security devices such as network-based intrusion detection systems installed on the physical security layer.

However, IT companies help with proper architectural and configuration. This makes it possible to enforce a consistent security policy; deploying an advanced networking tool that can accommodate network port mirroring to realize a unified inspection of the traffic on both physical and virtual networks, for instance.

Hardening of Virtual Machines and Protection

In addition to proper configuration and architectural design, you can deploy a hypervisor that allows for the monitoring of all guest operating systems and all their processes across virtual and physical networks.

Such a hypervisor provides you with VM-specific security mechanisms, which are embedded into its API for granular monitoring of traffic running on VMs and data processing planes.

A qualified technology vendor will help leverage up-to-date virtualization technologies, such as OpenFlow, to monitor virtual networks.

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