IT Support in Orlando: 3 Simple Steps to Ensure Business Continuity

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How would you conduct business if your company's doors were shut in the wake of a hurricane or other disaster? Business continuity planning is vital for companies of all sizes, according to IT support experts in Orlando. If your business continuity planning is lacking, use these three steps to get back on track.

Step 1: Consider Everyone and Everything

Continuity planning needs to consider every aspect of your business and every employee's role. Every department will need a voice. What does each department need to function? How will you accommodate those needs if your office is no longer available?

Each department will need access to their own data. They will need to know how to perform vital functions in an offsite location. They will need to know who to contact in case disaster strikes.

Step 2: Practice What You Plan

Once you have a plan, it's time to practice. Everything can sound great on paper. But, will it work when a hurricane closes your Orlando office? Schedule a dry run. Everyone must participate, from the CEO down to the security guards.

As you practice, it's likely you will find areas you never considered. You will find some of your plans aren't going to work and need to be revised. You may find some areas well planned and some barely planned at all.

After practice, revise your business continuity plan. Then, plan another practice session. The effort will pay off when disaster strikes.

Step 3: Take Backups Scrupulously

Automate your backup process. You need backups taken daily at a minimum. Continuous backups are ideal, according to the IT support experts Orlando companies rely on for their backup solutions.

To make sure you have a clean backup available to restore from, you need to use the 3-2-1 process. Make sure you have three backups as a minimum. Two of those backups need to be on different types of media, such as tape or external hard drive. One of those backups must be kept off-site. You can use a cloud solution or keep it on a server at another site.


These three steps will help you develop a well-thought-out plan that will help you keep functioning even if your doors are temporarily closed due to a disaster. For assistance with your business continuity planning, contact us at ION247 today. We are the experts on IT support Orlando companies trust with their backups and security.