How IT Support in Orlando Can Help You Develop a Mobile Device Management Plan

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IT support in Orlando can keep your mobile devices well-protected through the use of a mobile device management (MDM) plan. Instead of solely relying on security patches, a mobile device management plan is a proactive approach that will keep your business protected by offering advanced security features and ensuring that your company always remains in compliance. A managed service provider is always looking for new ways to keep your business protected, while also allowing your company to take advantage of the latest technology in the workplace.

Here are just three ways that an IT provider can help your organization create an effective mobile device management plan in the workplace:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service plays a key role in developing an effective mobile device management plan, as it offers the most advanced features that allow employees to be more productive, while also receiving the ultimate protection against any threats in the workplace. IaaS gives employees the ability to work on their own mobile devices without jeopardizing the security of your company.

Cloud Computing

Another advantage of using IT support in Orlando is that it allows you to upload all your essential data on to the cloud for maximum security. Employees with mobile devices can access this information at any time on the cloud and it gives them the freedom to work from nearly any location. All this data is protected with encryption and is much more effective than using an in-house data center for all your information in the workplace.

Remote Access

An IT provider has the ability to track and remotely disable any lost or stolen devices. A managed service provider can also wipe all the information on any device, which gives your business much-needed protection and peace of mind. Your company also has the option to ensure that all work-related activities occur within a specific application and these activities can be time-sensitive, which only allows employees to access this information during an assigned shift and not outside of working hours.

IT support in Orlando offers many benefits for small businesses, which includes the use of a mobile device management plan. ION247 is a managed service provider that uses the latest technology to help companies reach their full potential in the workplace. Mobile device management only continues to grow in popularity, as it allows employees to be much more productive, while keeping data safe and protected at all times. Contact us today to learn more.