IT Support in Orlando: Why Small Businesses Are Fully Embracing Cloud Computing

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The cloud is opening up the IT space for new innovation, new ways to increase productivity and collaboration and various other opportunities. One of the greatest facts about this technology is that SMBs have not been excluded from making use of it. In fact, IT support providers in Orlando can greatly simplify the process of adopting different cloud services whether you are a large firm or a small startup.

Cloud Benefits for Small Businesses

There are a number of notable benefits of using cloud services for small businesses. Some of these are touched on here:

  • Low cost of adoption - Monthly managed cloud services are very affordable for even small businesses. They also do not have to carry the burden of costly infrastructure installations and a full IT staff to manage and maintain this infrastructure. The MSP handles this and provides a ready-to-adopt cloud package.

  • Access to high-level business applications - Many business applications and resources have been out of reach for small businesses because of the scale and cost of these packages. Cloud services can now provide small businesses with customized services of just what they need. Software or infrastructure as a service (SaaS or IaaS) opens up many new doors for these businesses. By working closely with an IT support team in Orlando, they can make use of leading business solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

  • Easy to scale - Adopting cloud services, whether it be for software or storage, makes scaling much simpler. You can increase your cloud usage by reaching out to your cloud provider. This is very beneficial as you add more employees, require additional storage, and look into new applications to use in your business.

Mobility in Business

Today’s typical startup looks quite different from what it did a few years ago. The cloud is a key enabler of the mobile business space that is not limited by time zones and location. The cloud makes remote work and collaboration, file-sharing, sales, and marketing activities easier and more efficient.

If you have not yet migrated some of your business functions to the cloud, you may be missing out on an important opportunity to increase productivity and scale up your business. With IT support in Orlando, you can get a cloud solution that is tailored to your current business position. At ION247, we work closely with our clients across different industries to develop long-term IT solutions for them. Get in touch with us to know about our services.