IT Support in Orlando: How to Successfully Migrate to Office 365

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Migrating from on-premises server to the cloud-based office 365 may not be as simple, and you may need the help of an IT support provider in Orlando to help you with the planning. Certain issues must be addressed first; otherwise, you may face several problems such as noncompliance, extended downtimes, unexpected licensing costs and several other unforeseen migration issues.

Nonetheless, the above is not to mean that you cannot do it entirely in-house. You can actually do it given the following tips:

  1. Take inventory of all the apps and devices that will be affected by the switch. This way, you will know the devices that will not function with the cloud and you can add any configurations needed for them to remain functional.
  2. Update your Windows and Office versions to make sure they are compatible with the Office 365 system. Although office 2010 and 2007 can be upgraded to office 365, it is best that you use the recent version of Office for better functionality and user experience. Windows XP is not compatible with office 365, and you would have to upgrade to Windows 7.
  3. Your current DNS provider should be compatible with Office 365, otherwise critical features like email and instant messages will be unavailable to you.
  4. Nonprofit organizations should ensure that they are in for nonprofit pricing to avoid unexpected expenses.
  5. Know your business objectives and needs so that you choose an Office 365 plan that will meet your objectives. An IT support provider in Orlando can be of great help in determining what your business requires.
  6. Use Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer to diagnose any problem that may arise when moving your on-premise server to the cloud. This way, you can fix the problem before beginning the migration.
  7. Inspect all files before migrating them to ensure they are supported by Office 365 to avoid hang-ups during the process and avoid incurring unexpected costs with account file permissions.
  8. Ensure that you have decommissioned any on-premise server properly. If it is not decommissioned properly, it may not connect to some Office 365 features such as Skype for business.
  9. Make early arrangements of whoever is going to administer your new server. This could be your in-house IT team or better still, an IT support provider.

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