IT Support Providers in Orlando Reduce Confusion Related to the Cloud

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Dispelling Common Myths About the Cloud

IT support providers in Orlando are increasingly involved in cloud computing, as this innovation is currently in high demand. Even so, many businesses which would certainly benefit from the cloud refrain from the transition owing to certain pernicious myths which confuse the issue. Four of the most common misconceptions pertaining to the cloud will be addressed in this writing:

  • Security concerns that are often unfounded

  • Cloud encryption questions

  • Internal data security should not be abandoned

  • Technical difficulties still exist but are surfeited by safeguards

Security Concerns That Are Often Unfounded

IT support providers in Orlando which facilitate the cloud have much at stake. If competitors can provide better security solutions, providers lose business. Additionally, technology is always in transition, meaning older security solutions become defunct, new issues arise, and new solutions must be mastered. Those who provide cloud computing solutions must remain cutting-edge, competitive, and properly secure clientele.

Altogether, this means a core business prerogative of any cloud provider is security. Accordingly, they hire professionals dedicated to the task. Unless your business has the resources to develop an internal department around security, cloud providers will, by default, have greater ability to secure you than you will.

Cloud Encryption Questions

Encryption is often applied to traveling data, but additionally, it can be used to protect data that isn't being sent to or from anywhere but is at rest. Cloud computing providers can provide a variety of encryption options which continue to increase in efficacy as time goes by.

Internal Data Security Should Not Be Abandoned

You still need to have sound internal data security with the cloud. Internal operations are some of the most dangerous, owing to user error and other factors. You need to lock these problems down. In pertinence to the cloud, your responsibility is basically to ensure only those who are approved have access. This will require a mobile device management (MDM) strategy and requisite mechanisms to verify authenticity of access. Managed service providers (MSPs) can be ideal here.

Technical Difficulties Still Exist But Are Surfeited By Safeguards

Technology is made by fallible man, so it will never reach perfection. There will be operational flaws in the cloud. Look at what the cloud provider your considering guarantees in terms of security protections. Generally, they'll be able to provide better security through database mirroring and related techniques than you will, but it's still wise to confirm.

Making the Switch

An IT support provider in Orlando can provide you with information pertaining to cloud solutions, as well as mobile management and varying cloud options. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about the cloud and whether making the switch is right for you.