Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with IT Support in Orlando

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Healthcare companies handle vast amounts of sensitive patient data on a daily basis. The security of that data must always be protected at all costs. All companies operating in the healthcare space must remain compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations or face some steep consequences. To make data security a priority in your company, consider bringing in outside expertise and IT support in Orlando.

Understand How HIPAA Works

HIPAA falls under the watch of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights. It provides clear compliance regulations for doctors and all other medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, and other parties in the industry. It regularly updates its requirements to match changing times and growing considerations. If a company or individual is found to be violating any of its rules pertaining to how patient data is handled, they may face a monetary fine that may be minor or even into the millions, depending on the severity.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity

Compliance with HIPAA is something companies must take seriously for a number of reasons. It protects the privacy and interests of the patient. It is the ethical thing to do and keeps your business in right standing. The costs of a violation can also severely cripple the operation of a company. Staying compliant and on the right side of the law must never be an afterthought, but a continuous proactive activity.

To stay compliant, you must make sure your team has a clear understanding of HIPAA regulations and stays up-to-date with any changes made in the rules. Make sure that access to confidential data is limited and controlled at all times. Use an IT support provider in Orlando to assess the current security of your systems and network. They can determine any risks and put in place the safeguards to protect your business. These could include firewalls, automatic updates, proactive monitoring, password management, encryption, and employee education.

Does your company have enough cybersecurity controls in place to keep your patients’ data safe? You can partner with experts to help you stay HIPAA-compliant. Get in touch with ION247 to find out how we can help. We offer a range of different services and IT support in Orlando. We have experience providing foolproof IT solutions to companies in various industries including healthcare. We look forward to hearing from you.