How Managed IT Services in Birmingham Can Prevent Cybercrime

managed IT services Birmingham

If you don't use managed IT services in Birmingham, it's time to consider it as a solution to rising cybercrime. Even if you have a well-trained in-house IT staff, that doesn't help much if they don't stay completely up-to-date on cybercrime and new technology. Here are ways that an IT team can help your staff identify and deal with phishing schemes in emails:

Signs of Suspicious Emails

  • Email address uses famous brands before the @ symbol

  • Similar domain to a top brand with one letter difference

  • A generic greeting such as "Dear Patron"

  • Links within emails that go to unknown sites

  • Sender tries to create the need for an urgent response

  • No clarity as to who specifically sent the email

Remember that the goal of the phishing attacker is to trick the recipient into thinking he or she is from a familiar trusted source, such as a major brand. An IT services team can set up online training programs that give employees plenty of examples of fraudulent emails to look for.

The urgent response scare is one of the oldest tricks used by hackers, who imply that if you don't take a certain action immediately, you will lose access to an account.

How to Approach Suspicious Emails

Learning to detect fraudulent emails is a skill that takes time to develop, but it's something any employee can learn. A managed IT services provider in Birmingham that stays updated on cybersecurity can get alerts from national networks to pass along to employees about phishing scams. Here are primary points to remember about dealing with suspicious emails:

  • Never respond to a suspicious email

  • Periodically update your browser

  • Use a firewall and an antivirus program

Watching Out for Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a more sophisticated type of cybercrime that targets a specific individual through a process known as social engineering. The deceptive attacker may use information scraped from a social media page to seem knowledgeable of the target's background. The hacker's goal is to develop a friendly relationship over time and then eventually launch an attack on the unsuspecting employee.

An experienced IT firm can direct a staff to beware of any strange visitor who tries to ask for confidential information in a subtle way. Sometimes banks use "favorite band" as a security question, so a predator might try to have a conversation about music to phish for information that may be used for security authentication.


Small to medium businesses looking to tap into top quality cybersecurity solutions should consider managed IT services in Birmingham. For more information, contact us at ION247 to learn more about how these services can protect your business and make it more efficient.