Managed IT Services in Birmingham Glossary (D-O)

managed IT services Birmingham

Turning to managed IT services in Birmingham may help elevate your business to the level it needs to be professionally. While many small businesses are unable to hire in-house IT personnel, others try to cut corners and avoid IT help completely. Here are IT terms to learn for a better understanding of network terminology:

Dark Web - An underground version of the Internet with peer-to-peer networks in which access requires special software and procedures. The Dark Web can be monitored through Tor (The Onion Router), a special browser that allows for anonymous communication. 

Deep Web - Content that Google bots have not indexed. This content may be found on educational, intranet sites or other sites that have not been indexed for one reason or another. Accessing deep content often involves entering a password or some other form of authentication. 

Hybrid Cloud - A combination of a public and private cloud. While a public cloud typically houses multiple different customers on one server, a private cloud is devoted to one organization. The main reasons for adopting a hybrid cloud are to lower costs and to have more flexibility in storing data.

IT Infrastructure - The foundation of your local business network hardware. This equipment can be remotely monitored by a managed IT services provider in Birmingham. Many businesses are shifting from local-based to cloud-based infrastructure.

Machine Learning - A form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that involves a computing system that learns as it processes data without programming. Machine learning involves algorithms that make predictions based on pattern recognition.

Malware - Named after the words "malicious" and "software." The term is used to describe any type of software that was designed to disrupt an organization. Different types of malware include viruses, worms, spyware, adware, and ransomware.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) - An MSP in the IT industry is a firm that manages infrastructures and architectures. The work ranges from inspections to maintenance, to recommending new solutions for creating a more productive and efficient workplace. One of the key responsibilities of an MSP is to maintain business continuity.

Outsourcing - Hiring a third party to specialize in a certain area, such as IT. An MSP may offer a broad range of services as a turnkey solution for business technology.

Partnering with an experienced managed IT services provider in Birmingham can help your business get more streamlined and in better position to reach its goals. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we can take your business to the cloud, provide a secure environment, and give you more opportunities to increase profitability.

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