Managed IT Services in Birmingham Glossary (S-Z)

managed IT services Birmingham

The average small business faces the challenge of keeping up with changing technology. Since not every business has time to focus on new innovations, they can outsource to a managed IT services provider in Birmingham, which provides guidance, insights, and maintenance. Here are some of the important terms that IT professionals use:

Scalability - An organization's ability to scale up or down depending on financial conditions. Knowing scalability options adds flexibility to growth planning. One of the key reasons many businesses have migrated to the cloud is to be in control of affordable options for scalability. Businesses that closely monitor customer base growth are able to plan appropriately to accommodate supply and demand fluctuations.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) - An SLA is a contract made between a managed IT services provider in Birmingham and your organization for a specified term. The SLA explains an MSP's duties and responsibilities and response times. Other contents found in SLAs include procedures for reporting problems, how digital assets are monitored, and what happens when the provider is unable to meet obligations. 

Software Bug - An error or flaw in a software program that causes disruption. Many bugs exist due to programming errors in the source code. Bugs may be responsible for a variety of errors that involve functions, communication, calculations, handling, and commands. IT providers use "debugging" techniques to fix these problems.

Virtualization - A modern process that allows multiple infrastructures to be duplicated on the same physical machine. A virtual machine (VM) can be used to replicate servers, operating systems, and networks. One of the main advantages of virtualization is that it conserves space, especially for backup systems.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - VPNs provide stronger security by using encryption and are built over public infrastructures. This technology is useful for connecting branch offices and remote users. Different types of VPNs include Advanced VPN, PureVPN, Hotspot Shield and ExpressVPN. 

Zero Day Threats - Surprise threats that exploit cybersecurity systems in which there is no security fix available due to developers being unaware of the vulnerabilities. These threats are typically orchestrated by widely known hacker groups that gain notoriety by attacking organizations.

Small businesses should consider outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in Birmingham. You'll get access to a knowledgeable IT staff without paying what you would for in-house personnel. Yet, you'll be able to tap into a pool of diverse, knowledgeable talent. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we can bring more productivity, efficiency, and security to your business. 

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