Managed IT Services in Birmingham: The Importance of Testing Backups

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Your disaster recovery practices are essential to your chances of emerging from a crisis without major interruptions. Take the time to review your practices now before disaster strikes so that you will be ready for whatever comes your way. Our managed IT services team in Birmingham can help you perfect your disaster recovery practices. Testing backups is particularly important. Unfortunately, plenty of businesses fail to perform such tests. It is not enough to establish policies and procedures, coordinate the automation of backups scripts, run backups and think there won't be any problems. Let's take a look at some of the most common backup testing mistakes and the best ways to test:

Mistake #1: Trying Merely a few Sample Files

Trying a couple sample files will suffice when first establishing the backups. Create some spreadsheets, run backups, delete those files and attempt to perform a restoration. When running a real test, go a bit further. Determine if it is possible to restore full directory trees. Find out if you can restore the full server or computer. Determine if there will be a need to reinstall programs.

Mistake #2: Running the Test with the Special Backup

Certain people refuse to use regular backup tapes. Rather, they choose a special backup for this disaster recovery test. This approach tests whether the backup runs without problems by moving system users out, running a manual backup and observing for problems. This approach is flawed since it does not replicate actual crises that could unfold.

Mistake #3: Running the Restore to the Original Server or Computer

Too many people restore to the same machine. This is a mistake since it eliminates several important factors from the test. As an example, forgetting about configuration issues or compatibility problems tended to when setting the system up can create some havoc. If you have any problems with configuration or compatibility, our managed IT services team in Birmingham can help ensure everything is properly aligned and functional.

Optimal Backup Testing Practices

When testing, use tapes from the regular backups. Do not fall into the trap of testing a few files. Ensure you can restore full directories, applications, servers, etc. Perform a test restore to a separate server or computer. It will help to have the same tape driver at a separate location. Run a test on it to ensure compatibility. Be sure to hold onto a copy of install disks for the backup software.

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