Managed IT Services in Birmingham: Protect Your Business from Social Engineering Scams

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There are various ways in which the security of your business data can be compromised, and a managed IT services provider in Birmingham can help protect against these. While investing in various security systems and software is important, one can never neglect the human element of security. Hackers are becoming increasingly malicious and creative in the methods that they employ. With social engineering scams, they prey on innocent victims to manipulate them into divulging confidential information.

Common Social Engineering Tactics

There are a number of tactics that hackers use in social engineering attacks. They present misleading and false information to catch their targets off guard and get them to disclose what they should not. The hackers then use the information to gain access to funds or payments that they are not rightly entitled to. It is a huge money-making scheme, and hackers are working overtime to deceive people with huge success. Their methods include:

  • Phishing emails which are customized to their targets;
  • Watering-hole attacks where they enter specific groups of users; and
  • ·Baiting tactics where they take advantage of people’s impulses to accept an offer for something free or exciting.

In all these scenarios, they create a farce of a legitimate offer or professional contact that is believable.

What Can You Do to Prevent This?

Managed IT services providers in Birmingham are professionals in cyber security and can give your business the help it needs to avoid a data breach. There are a number of ways you can, together with their help, protect your business from social engineering scams, including:

  • Employee education - Ensure that every user of your business network understands what social engineering is and how to stay clear of it. They must be able to recognize a suspicious email and be wary of sharing confidential information without doing the necessary checks.
  • Proactive monitoring - By actively monitoring how users use the business network and what software is downloaded, you may be able to detect suspicious behavior and cyber attacks early on.
  • Password management - Ensure that your systems are protected by strong passwords that are not shared but are changed ever so often.

If you are looking to protect your business data and avoid a myriad of negative consequences, consider using managed IT services in Birmingham. At ION247, we offer the latest in IT security services and can work with you to find a solution that fits your business. Contact us now to learn more.