Managed IT Services Experts in Orlando Explain Why Backup Systems Alone Will Not Suffice

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Most business owners and managers are aware of the fact that they should back up their data. Yet, many make the mistake of assuming a data backup is sufficient to get operations back to normal amidst a disaster. A data backup is simply another version of data stored in another location. Such a backup does not mean there is a means of rapidly restoring the network to its original state. This is quite the painful truth business owners learn after enduring a disaster or network crash that erases data. Here’s the explanation of managed IT services experts in Orlando why backing up data alone is not enough:

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Consider a scenario in which your company’s network dies due to a massive hardware failure. Operations are down across the entire company. No one can print, send emails, pull up data or do anything else computer-related. Nothing progresses until the cause of the problem is remedied. This is the nightmare scenario managed IT services experts in Orlando can help you avoid.

Backups Can Only Do So Much

Though it certainly makes sense to back up your data, if you do not have a functional server, there won’t be any place to load the information. Furthermore, there will not be any way to access that information. The backup stores your company’s data, as opposed to the operation system, software applications, settings, etc. It does not matter if you can load data that cannot be used. Re-establishing all of the software applications will take a considerable amount of time and effort. It will take several days or even multiple weeks to reload all the software applications even if you can quickly access software disks, key codes, etc.

Every Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan encompasses more than data backup. This plan restores the flow of business regardless of what type of disaster strikes.  Implement a disaster recovery plan and you will rest easy knowing everything is in place should a natural disaster, digital attack or another crisis unfold. Virtualization is your business’s lifeline when downtime occurs. This technology will get your operations back to their pre-crisis state in 24 hours or less. 

An offsite image of the server is also necessary. This extra copy is a replica of the server operating system, programs, settings, and information. The offsite image is transmitted to a location away from your headquarters on a daily basis.

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