Managed IT Services in Orlando Glossary (P-R)

managed IT services Orlando

By partnering with a managed IT services provider in Orlando, you can save time and money while creating a more efficient operation. The more you expand your IT vocabulary, the better you'll be able to evaluate IT services. Here are important terms that can help you gain a deeper understanding of IT:

Private Cloud - Designed for an exclusive organization. A private cloud is usually the most secure type of cloud since it requires special credentials and does not involve sharing servers with third parties. It is often built with proprietary solutions and is managed with internal resources. Private clouds tend to cost more and require staff training to understand unique complexities.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - RPO indicates the maximum amount of time for data to get lost during any type of disaster. A managed IT services provider in Orlando can help improve your RPO in the formation of a disaster recovery plan as a measure to ensure business continuity. RPO is used to limit tolerance for data loss during a period of downtime.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - RTO is the most amount of time that an organization can be cut off from its data before consequences emerge. RTO is usually established during a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). It is used to evaluate how well the provider was able to restore data in a timely manner.

Ransomware - A type of malware that locks up computers as the attacker demands ransom. If the ransom is not paid by a certain deadline, the attacker may destroy the data. The ransom is usually paid through cryptocurrency, allowing for anonymity of the hacker. Ransomware scams have been on the rise since about 2012. The best way to be unaffected by these attacks is to regularly back up all data. Law enforcement officials usually warn the public not to respond to an attacker's demands.

Resolution Time - The amount of time it takes to resolve a security, network or IT issue. This time is distinguished from response time, which begins with creation of the incident until the provider responds. These terms often appear in service level agreements.

One of the keys to keeping a business in order is to partner with a managed IT services provider in Orlando. Not only will you be able to resolve technical issues quickly, you'll be able to get expert advice about fine-tuning your network. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we can improve your technology so that you can focus on your business. 

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