Managed IT Services in Orlando: 7 Tips for Endpoint Security

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According to managed IT services experts in Orlando, wherever someone accesses your company's network is a point of vulnerability. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops pose a particular risk because they are often used to access internal data from outside the office. Endpoint security must be a priority to keep your entire network safe from cyber threats.

Here are seven ways you can enhance your company's endpoint security:

1. Require the Use of a VPN

Using a public WiFi spot is so convenient. However, unsecured access points increase the chances of a security breach. If an employee wants to access company data with a portable device, require that they use a company-provided VPN solution.

2. Forbid Any Storage of Company Data on Mobile Devices

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, it opens up a potential security breach. If data was stored on the device, the threat is even more serious. According to managed IT services experts in Orlando, the easiest way to prevent this is to forbid the download or storage of company data to the device.

3. Require Strong Safeguards to Access Data

A strong password policy is the first step to keeping your company's digital assets safe. Requiring other safeguards such as multi-factor authentication offers another layer of protection.

4. Provide Up-To-Date Security Software

If you allow an employee to access your network with a personal device, require that they use company-provided security software designed for BYOD situations. The software is another layer of security to protect your digital assets.

5. Forbid Access from Public Computers

Public computers are notorious for being infected with viruses and malware. Plus, you don't know if a public computer has the latest security patches or software updates. The easiest protection is to forbid the use of public computers completely.

6. Forbid the Use of Personal Communication Channels for Business Purposes

When using a personal device, employees can easily slip into the habit of sending company data or communicating company information through their personal email or other communication channels. Each of these personal communication channels is a potential route for a cyber attack.

7. Implement Clear Policies on Endpoint Security and Use

Every user needs to understand the importance of endpoint security. Clear policies on endpoint security and how remote devices are to be used to access company data will help users. Also, training on these policies will enforce their importance to the entire company.

Each of these methods will help enhance endpoint security. To learn more about how to keep your network secure from cyber attacks, contact us at ION247. We are the managed IT services experts Orlando companies know they can trust and rely on.