Managed IT Services in Orlando: The Importance of an IT Security Risk Assessment

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Shocking facts reveal that even with the rising cases of cybersecurity risks, some businesses are still oblivious of the right steps to take to protect their businesses. Others do not even have a disaster recovery plan at all. Such cases should prompt businesses to conduct an IT security risk assessment plan to know their business status. Managed IT services providers in Orlando offer this service at an affordable fee because not every business may have the resources needed to conduct own security risk assessment.

What Is an IT Security Risk Assessment and Its Benefits?

An IT security assessment is an analysis of the IT system in a bid to identify any IT risks that may threaten your business. Benefits of the assessment include the following:

  • Cost reduction - The security assessment enables you to identify any potential problems and you can address them proactively, saving you any future costs arising from compliance fines and failed technology.

  • Avoiding cybersecurity incidents - An IT security assessment digs out any weaknesses in your IT systems. This gives you the chance to tie any loose ends that may make you vulnerable to security breaches.

  • Improved future assessments - If you hire a managed IT services provider in Orlando to do the assessment on your behalf, future assessments will be easier for you. A competent company will implement self-analysis features to be used for future assessments.

In addition to the benefits above, a proper IT security risk assessment will help you know the following aspects of your business:

  • Valuable assets - A security assessment reveals your company’s most valued assets, which need to be protected from any harm or threats. Some of them may include servers, client information, partner documents, and website.

  • Critical threats -A proper IT analysis identifies the most likely threats to exploit your weak points. Some of the threats include natural disasters, human errors, system failures, and malicious human actions such as impersonation, interception, and interference

  • Existing vulnerabilities - Vulnerabilities are weaknesses that may threaten your system’s security. They may include old equipment, untrained or careless staff, unpatched workstations, and excessive permissions.

Ways to Improve Your Security Posture

A proper assessment comes with solutions, especially with the help of an IT support company. Depending on your specific situation, your provider should come up with solutions tailored to meet your security needs.

To keep your business secure at all times, partner with a managed IT services provider in Orlando such as ION247. Our experts will perform a security assessment that will save you a fortune and prevent you from falling victim of cybercrime. Contact us today and learn more about cybersecurity risk assessment.