Managed IT Services in Orlando: Preventing Security Breaches

managed IT services Orlando

The cybercrime problem isn't going away soon, but working with a managed IT services provider in Orlando can reduce stress through reliable data protection methods. As long as big data travels through cyberspace, there will be hackers who want access to that data so they can exploit it or sell it to other criminals. Here are ways that a managed service provider (MSP) can prevent cyber attacks:

Train Employees About Cybersecurity

Unless your employees have tech certifications in cybersecurity and keep up with the latest breaches, you should not take for granted that the average worker has your back covered. Many security breaches happen as a result of employees being fooled by cybercriminals who disguise themselves as familiar entities in email and then launch attacks when the employee makes a wrong click.

Keep Software Updated

One of the easiest ways to let intruders penetrate your system is to rely on outdated hardware and software. They prey upon business legacy systems that are no longer supported by software upgrades. Even if you use modern equipment, you still have to keep updating your software to keep it secure. New upgrades often provide fixes to recently discovered security flaws. It's important to stay up-to-date on all types of software, whether it's the OS, antivirus, business applications, or firewalls.

Use 24/7 Monitoring Software

A high quality managed IT services provider in Orlando uses 24/7 monitoring software to detect unexpected visitors on your network and other suspicious activity. This software allows you to compare normal and abnormal behavior and block unauthorized devices from connecting with your network.

Passwords and Encryption

You should discuss what type of authentication system fits your needs with your IT team. Passwords should be alphanumeric, mixed with symbols and look too complicated to remember. Consider multi-factor authentication, which often involves adding a security question or two. For maximum protection, use encryption, which is much more difficult for hackers to penetrate.

Payment Card Protection

Businesses that allow online transactions with credit or debit cards need to follow payment card industry security standards. Partnering with a payment processor that guarantees PCI compliance can reduce risk. 

Security Insurance Policy

Even if you implement the most state-of-the-art security strategies, it's still possible for unknown vulnerabilities in your system to be compromised. So, to avoid legal problems that may develop from a cyber attack, it's best for your business to purchase security insurance, which covers damages from a security breach.

Stopping cybercriminals is complex for most firms, but not too big of a job for managed IT services experts in Orlando. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we can keep your network private for authorized users.