Managed IT Services in Orlando: Pros and Cons of Cloud Migration

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Have you explored what managed IT services experts in Orlando can do for your business in terms of moving to the cloud? The reason it's smart to work with IT experts for cloud migration is that it's a complex process that can create a mountain of errors if not performed thoroughly with proper testing. Here are key pros and cons of the cloud you should consider prior to making your decision.

Pros: Economic Efficiency and Increased Productivity

Working with a managed IT services team in Orlando by itself can do wonders for improving your operation and bottom line. Add the cloud to the mix and you can potentially save plenty of money on equipment. Historically, high upfront costs on hardware and software have created barriers to entry for small businesses. The cloud, however, eliminates these barriers and replaces them with seamless digital alternatives.

Automation is one of the driving forces behind the rising popularity of the cloud. Many small businesses cannot afford automation software, but can afford a monthly subscription to an automation service that speeds up tasks by letting machines do redundant work. It frees up time for employees to work on tasks that only humans can do, such as sales and building business contacts. Other benefits of the cloud are ease of use, remote access to your network from any location at any time and the ability to replace physical machines with virtual servers.

Cons: Complexities and Privacy

Moving your business to the cloud takes a team effort since it requires both mind-numbing file transferring and deep analysis of data. All files must be tested after they are moved to the cloud, or you might be in for unwanted surprises. Experienced IT professionals pay attention carefully to the status of every file moved to the cloud through testing to detect broken links, corrupted files, and other issues. Ignoring this tedious responsibility is potentially dangerous.

Ultimately, the cloud is not the answer to every business problem. In some cases, you're better off using local physical equipment, particularly to store confidential information. Even though quality cloud providers commonly use robust security layers, it's still possible that employees of a third-party provider could take a peek at your sensitive information. In general, critical data should be stored on a private server, while everything else is appropriate for storing on a free to low-cost cloud server.

Partnering with a managed IT services consultant in Orlando can elevate your business to the cloud, which is an effective way to cut costs on labor and equipment. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how the cloud can improve your business.