Managed IT Services in Orlando: Risks of Managing Your Business Data Remotely

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As your business expands, so does your data. The increase is even bigger if you embrace the work from home trend or open new remote offices. If you don't use managed IT services in Orlando, some of your data will have to be administered remotely. Unfortunately, this has a lot of challenges which include;

Unavailability of Resources

Not all remote offices have the right IT resources to enhance data management. If, for example, the network connectivity is poor, it is easy to have data protection negligence.

Increased Data Security Risk

Having a remote data administration office mostly requires manual data collection and tape-based backup. This increases human error, hence putting your company data at risk.

Backup Challenge

Backing up data isn't one of the simple IT tasks, even to IT professionals. If you would ask managed IT services experts in Orlando, they would say asking a staff member who has no IT background to do data backup is impractical. This leaves you unsure of whether your company data is backed up or not.

Compliance Challenges

You might find yourself in the need of providing certain data. If your data storage was done without planning, you may fail to retrieve that data, in which case you might end up in a legal battle. This entire process is expensive, time-consuming, and hard.

Increased Risk of Cyber Attacks

Ransomware attackers prey on company data backed up from remote locations. Once they get access to this data, they encrypt it and demand for a ransom to unlock it.

Migrating to Cloud Can Help Avoid Risks

You can easily avoid these risks by migrating to the cloud. Cloud computing is more reliable, secure, affordable, and scalable when used for backing up your data. Data is stored in a specific location where your managed services provider (MSP) can easily update your database as different offices send their data.

Cloud computing incorporates purpose-built systems such as true-cloud-first approach that take advantage of cloud services. With this approach, data can only be saved in one specific location. It has the advantage that you don't need to install multiple systems, but instead, all your data will be administered from a simplified remote location.

Cloud data management is done by a professional who understands the system better. In this case, human error that frequently expose data to risk is eliminated. Another benefit is that data recovery is made easy in case a disaster strikes. Feel free to contact us at ION247 to learn more about how moving to the cloud can help improve your data security. Our managed IT services team in Orlando is ready to serve you!