How a Managed IT Services Provider in Birmingham Can Help Protect Your Firm from the Dark Web

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Most small business owners do not pay much-needed attention to the dark web. They often assume that their businesses are too small, too insignificant to attract the attention of hackers and other cybercriminals found on the dark web. This is far from the truth. Imagine this, you have a small or medium-sized business with weak IT security, don’t you think that you will be an easier target for these crooks than a large firm with robust IT security systems? Today, hackers indiscriminately target both small and large firms with the aim of stealing their data which they sell on the dark web. The increased attacks that have been witnessed in recent times is a reason enough for you to seek the services of a qualified managed IT services provider in Birmingham that can help you stay safe and keep your data away from the dark web.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the place where a collection of websites is hidden within encrypted networks, making them inaccessible to traditional search engines and browsers. It is the part of the Internet where most cybercrooks hide. They conduct their business in this space, and one of the biggest businesses is the selling of stolen personal information including birth dates, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. Not all persons found on the dark web are crooks. Cops also go to this dark side of the Internet to try catch these criminals. IT professionals also visit this portion of the web to understand how to counter their attacks.

Why Should You Care About the Dark Web?

Good question! It is important for you to remember that small to medium businesses (SMBs) are an easy target. Consider this analogy: in high school, you must have seen how bullies easily target smaller boys. Yes, it is exactly the same thing. Now to protect your small self, you will need the help of a big brother, one who is able to deal with the bullies. This is where a managed IT services provider in Birmingham comes in. Your MSP has the experience needed to handle these “bullies”.

How to Address the Threats of the Dark Web

  • Invest in proactive IT security

  • Deploy tools for dark web monitoring and response

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities by training your staff

If you are concerned about your IT security, at ION247, we are the committed managed IT services provider in Birmingham with a specialty in helping SMBs stay safe online. Contact us now to learn more.