How a Managed IT Services Provider in Orlando Can Help You Optimize a Tight Budget

managed IT services Orlando

Every IT professional, from the CIO down to the help desk tech, is being asked to do more with less. Every year, IT budgets get tighter, yet business leaders demand more and more from technology. Partnering with a managed IT services provider in Orlando can help your company get more out of a tight budget.

A managed services provider (MSP) can help your company by deploying certain strategies. Here are four of those strategies, and see how they will impact your business:

1. Virtualization

Hardware is expensive, and energy is expensive. Hardware that runs a single task can be extremely inefficient. A survey done a number of years ago found that many dedicated servers had a 15% utilization rate. That means, 85% of the server's computing power was sitting idle while consuming energy.

A virtualized environment allows fuller utilization of a server, often quadrupling its utilization rate, drastically reducing hardware and energy expenses.

2. Virtualized Data Center

A software-driven data center, also known as a virtualized one, is the next level of virtualization. In this type of setup, all of your data center needs are virtualized, including network, CPU, storage, telecommunications, and security. All of these key business needs become pooled resources that a company can use when needed while not paying for the cost of unneeded resources.

This allows your business to manage high demand periods without the need for additional infrastructure. It also lowers support and storage costs.

3. Outsourcing Staff and Services

Some companies spend less than 10% of their IT budget on direct support costs. The rest of their annual outlay goes towards employee salaries and infrastructure costs. This reason alone makes outsourcing staff and services an easy way to control operating costs.

A managed IT services provider in Orlando can bring all the IT expertise you need without the overhead costs of employee salaries. You still have access to needed expertise as needed. This can lower spending by 25% or more.

4. Advanced Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are increasing all the time. Hiring a full-time cybersecurity team to protect your business is cost-prohibitive for many businesses. 

With an MSP, you can get high-level security expertise as part of the support package. The MSP brings state-of-the-art security hardware to bear along with top cybersecurity experts. It is the most cost-effective route for protecting your business from cyber threats.

Each of these strategies will help your business lower your IT costs while advancing your technology needs and desires. If you want to learn more about how managed IT services in Orlando can help your business move forward, contact us now at ION247.