How Managed IT Services Providers in Birmingham Can Give You Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

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Managed IT services providers in Birmingham can help you preserve your operations against ransomware incursion. There will be threats out there, and some of them are more pernicious than others. For example, consider WannaCry.

In 2017, North Korea initiated a ransomware worm that made laps around the globe, impacting businesses in more than 150 countries, and ultimately having an astonishing impact. While most ransomware worms are downloaded from the web incidentally through poor employee education (indeed, most tech threats emanate from internal bad practices), ransomware entered networks through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. This was possible, as the virus made use of a backdoor, which the NSA programmed into Microsoft machines intentionally.

The issue is pernicious, and you've got to have help from those who have access to greater resources than your business to avoid being compromised by ransomware multiple times. Remember, as technology advances, so does cybercriminal technique. Proactive strategy is absolutely necessary. With that in mind, consider these ransomware prevention tips:

Offensive Strategy

Managed IT services providers in Birmingham can help you go on the offensive. You've got to go on the offensive rather than the defensive. Defensive strategy is not anticipatory, offensive strategy is. Internal tech solutions aren't as well-suited to provide offensive strategy, as they are limited by the resources of your organization. Meanwhile, outsourcing to an MSP can give you top-tier, competitively-enabled tech solutions at a fraction of the cost, recommending them above others.

The Double-Strain Threat

Many ransomware scenarios exist today where what essentially happens is that a cybercriminal sends out an email with spurious information but keeps another in reserve with different ransomware software. MSPs help identify and protect against these.

Continuous Security Development

You've got to continuously update your security profile to avoid being undermined by ransomware threats that shift with time. Internal solutions can be effective here, but they're a lot less likely to be effective than external solutions as provided through a tech agency with a vested interest in remaining cutting edge for both clients and to outpace the competition. Whether you acquire updated security internally or externally, it's integral to build forward optimization into whatever security parameters have been put into place for your business.

Comprehensive Security

A managed IT services provider in Birmingham like ION247 can help you put comprehensive security to work protecting your organization against cybercriminal threats such as ransomware. These threats exist, and there's no sign they'll disappear any time soon. If you don't have the right protections in place, you will likely be impacted. Contact us for more security information.