Mixing the Cloud with Managed IT Services in Birmingham

managed IT services Birmingham

The combination of cloud computing and managed IT services in Birmingham can help small businesses get off the ground. These strategies cut major upfront costs that were once barriers to entry for new companies. By partnering with technology experts and taking advantage of user-friendly cloud services, you can simplify and streamline your business so that it's more productive and efficient.

How the Cloud Helps Small Business

Many small businesses have migrated to the cloud simply because it gives them a modern platform that puts all their controls in one centralized location. When you adopt the cloud, it allows you and your employees to access work projects at any time from any location, creating a more flexible work environment. Over 70% of businesses with 10-99 employees used cloud services in 2017, according to IDC.

Cloud services can help reduce expensive software costs. At one time, it was necessary to pay thousands of dollars upfront for proprietary industry software, but now, businesses pay an affordable monthly subscription fee to stream the software in the cloud. This system allows a company to pay for resources only when they need them. 

Real-Time IT Support

One of the most important advantages of outsourcing to a managed IT services team in Birmingham is that you will be able to fix problems quickly. Developing a relationship with an IT team that becomes familiar with your equipment is simply a stronger strategy than solving tech problems on your own. You will have access to a 24/7 help desk that is experienced with resolving a wide variety of issues.

An IT support team is essential if you ever suffer from a cyberthreat or cyber attack. They can minimize the damage in several ways, such as regularly backing up your data and applications. They can also develop a disaster recovery system in which you'll be able to restore your operation quickly if it's ever impaired by a power outage or security breach.

Embracing New Technology

Another reason that businesses move to the cloud is that it gives them access to a wide variety of new tools to test. Cloud services typically allow you a free trial for a few weeks as you explore new technology. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to consider with artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor various aspects of your business. By working with experienced IT experts, you will broaden your vocabulary and knowledge of new software that may make a difference in your success. 

Taking advantage of the cloud and managed IT services in Birmingham can elevate your business to a more competitive level. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about making your business more secure, flexible, and efficient in the cloud.