How RMM and Managed IT Services in Orlando Improve Productivity

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Most modern managed IT services providers in Orlando use remote monitoring and management (RMM) to protect and improve network systems. It's a strategy that ensures your infrastructure will be protected in an emergency and that you'll cut costs. Here are other advantages of outsourcing to IT firms that implement RMM principles:

Constant Monitoring and Updating 

One of the main benefits of working with a managed IT services provider in Orlando using RMM is your system will be monitored and updated by knowledgeable professionals. IT support technicians can catch bugs early and provide proactive maintenance. RMM services usually include 24/7 network monitoring, so you can be alerted at any time about a disturbance affecting your business.

Less Downtime

A business typically experiences over 80 hours of downtime per year, which can cost the owner thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. Downtime sends a negative message to clients and customers, as too much downtime can damage a company's reputation. Paying employees when work cannot be performed adds to the financial waste that results from an offline interruption. 

Stronger Data Protection

A managed service provider (MSP) makes security, data backup, and disaster recovery planning their top priorities. Also, IT professionals are well-informed about government regulations involving protecting the privacy of customers and employees. By regularly backing up data, your IT team will ensure that your data can be restored during a natural disaster or cyber attack. These days, you must use several layers of security to prevent hackers from invading your network. 

Through 24/7 monitoring, your IT team will be able to identify and block any intruder that does not have proper authentication. An IT team can use a variety of security strategies such as firewalls, virtualization, and encryption to make access to your network as difficult as possible for outsiders.

Reduced Costs

Another economic advantage to working with an RMM-based IT support team is that they can analyze your business and recommend software and processes that will cut waste and increase productivity. Automation is a popular cloud solution for many businesses and can reduce the need for redundant labor. By migrating to the cloud, you can cut costs even further on both hardware and software.

RMM is also designed to reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep your system in good health. The main goal of RMM is— boosting productivity while reducing clutter and inefficiencies. 

Working with an experienced and skilled managed IT services team in Orlando enhances your business, especially if they implement RMM concepts, which save time and money. Contact us at ION247 to learn more about how we can make your business more efficient and productive with modern technology.