Secure Your Mobile Devices with IT Companies in Birmingham

IT companies in Birmingham

Deciding whether it is prudent to purchase phones for employees is a difficult decision. Regardless of whether you pay for employee phones, workers will inevitably try to use their personal devices for work-related tasks. If you are wondering how to best manage this situation, you are not alone. IT companies in Birmingham, like us at ION247, are here to help.

Automation Facilitates Management While Improving Security

Some wonder whether saving time when transmitting devices such as cell phones is really that important. However, when someone loses a phone or recently received approval for an upgrade, he or she does not want to wait for the phone to be configured. Tech has advanced to the point that it is now possible to prebuild settings, allow for the device to be handed over in a timely manner, enhance service and ultimately boosting employee productivity. Even if this is only done once a month, the rewards of the automation will be worth it.

Take Advantage of Today's Dynamic Tech Solutions

Today's tech has evolved to the point that it is dynamic as opposed to static. This means it is possible to transmit changes to policy across all devices. Some people overlook this nicety, yet it really is quite the key feature as security settings change with regularity. It is also possible for policy alterations to be transmitted to the device after its initial setup.

Consider a situation in which a device has been compromised. The most prudent approach is to wipe and reconfigure it as quickly as possible. It is now possible for programs to do this rather than a highly-paid tech guru. Those who rely on tech for such a project find the time necessary to reset phones is chopped down from an hour to a mere 20 minutes or so. This is fantastic news for end users who desperately desire their device back in working order, as well as the employer looking for optimal efficiency. The saved time can be used to square your attention on projects of higher value and importance.

The bottom line is web-enabled mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous in offices across the world. Your business needs an automated solution that empowers your team to provide numerous devices in the most productive manner possible. IT companies in Birmingham are here to help every step of the way.


If you need any sort of tech assistance, we are here to help. At ION247, we are among the top IT companies in Birmingham. We provide an array of managed services to keep your information and systems organized and secure. Contact us today to learn more.