Security Tips from IT Companies in Orlando to Avoid the Cyber Ghouls at Halloween

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Halloween is supposed to be a time of fun, festivities, and sometimes, fearing things that go bump in the night. But don’t let the creepy crawlies turn your computer security into a nightmare. For a safer October and November, banish cyber evils to the shadows with these tips from IT companies in Orlando:

Ensure Software is Up-To-Date

Don’t let old, outmoded, or outdated software create systems instability or security vulnerabilities. Where possible, enable automatic updates for the operating systems, drivers, software, and apps on your desktop and notebook computers, as well as mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and smartwatches.

IoT Needs to Be Secured Too!

When updating your software, don’t forget the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet routers and modems, wireless cameras, media boxes and the like also need to be kept up-to-date. If necessary, refer to your vendor or the manufacturer for guidance.

Use Long, Complex Passwords

Make sure all staff and other users of your computer systems can only use long, complex passwords. Also, implement training and corporate policies that enforce regularly changing passwords. IT companies in Orlando advise businesses to never use the same passwords on more than one system.

MFA for Added Security

Don’t just depend on passwords. If possible, implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). A smartphone app or security dongle can be used to generate an additional code that only the user has access to. This way, even if their password falls into the wrong hands, the system cannot be accessed.

Rigorous Backups Save the Day

When disaster strikes and the undead kill your live data, having a solid backup and recovery regime in place can be the difference between a data disaster nightmare and being able to carry on safely. The fundamental rule is: data you don’t back up is data you don’t need. So, consider all of the data you store and process. Could you survive without it?

Test Your Backups

It’s no use having backups you can’t restore. Run regular tests to ensure the viability of both your backed up data and your procedures for restoring that data.

Avoid the Cyber Tricks and Enjoy the Business Treats

By following these handy tips, you can help reduce the risk that monsters of the cyber world can wreak havoc. These tips will keep you safe throughout the year, not just at Halloween. For more security tips from IT companies in Orlando. you can contact us at ION247.