Security Training Through Managed IT Services in Birmingham

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One of the many reasons that businesses turn to managed IT services in Birmingham is for security training, as well as tech support. A knowledgeable IT team can share knowledge with a staff on how to prevent cyberattacks since employee error is one of the top reasons for security breaches. Here are ways that a technology consultant can help raise awareness about security among a workforce:

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

A managed IT services team in Birmingham that hires seasoned tech talent knows about the complexities of cybercrime and the current solutions to prevent it. Aside from the IT team backing up data, developing a disaster recovery plan and implementing strong security policies, they can explain to employees the various techniques used by hackers to deceive employees into clicking a malicious link. The most common scheme is for the attacker to take on the identity of a representative from a popular brand. That's why your company needs to establish policies on how to verify identity.

As long as the IT team has backed up data recently, the effects of a ransomware attack will be minimal, other than the possible loss of the computer that is infected. Backing up data is the best way to avoid data loss and having to answer to ransom demands from criminals. Otherwise, it's possible that valuable data will get compromised or destroyed. No business wants to face downtimes and a series of lawsuits due to a security breach of any kind.

Making Passwords Safe

Employees need to be reminded when setting passwords not to use duplicates from other accounts and not to make them easy to read. Not all employees of a company who are assigned to a computer necessarily understand cybersecurity and it should not be assumed that they do. Here are important points they should learn about strong passwords:

  • Characters should be a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols

  • The password should look like a foreign code

  • At least one character should be upper case

Essentially, employees must avoid the temptation of creating a simple password that's easy to remember or using the same password on multiple accounts. For stronger protection, you should consider having the IT team implement double authentication, such as answering a security question. An even more secure solution is for the IT team to use encryption.


A managed IT services provider in Birmingham can help reduce the threat of cyberattacks by educating your staff about safety measures. Companies that ignore the risks of cybercrime are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. Contact us here at ION247 to learn more about how we can protect your infrastructure and raise awareness among your staff.