Streamline Your Data Storage Management with Managed IT Services in Orlando

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Big data has transformed data storage practices at a fast rate and managed IT services in Orlando have proven to be the go-to solution for organizations looking for an efficient way to organize their data. Although companies collect high volumes of data in the digital age, data retention shouldn’t be a hindrance to cost- and operational efficiency. Data collected from different sources serve disparate purposes.

Thus, data retention ought to be determined by its impact on boosting productivity. Thanks to advances in data management solutions you can now improve the quality of the data you collect and solve data productivity issues.

Below are the leading best practices for effective data storage management:

Establish Your Objectives for Data Collection

Businesses today are collecting more data for operational needs, from customer registration to marketing leads, and data flow keeps on accelerating as fresh data takes precedence over old data. However, you can avoid falling trap to the constant data flow, by identifying the specific data that helps meet your business goals.

Doing so implies that your data collection efforts will be limited to your business goals. As a result, you’ll only collect datasets that provide vital information, which your organization needs to realize specific objectives.

With a strict criterion on your data collection process, you’ll be able to determine what datasets to keep, especially those with a significant impact on your KPI. In turn, your data silos will only hold limited volumes of data based on the purpose of the data and its worth in improving your productivity.

Deploy Real-Time Data Analytics

Managed IT services providers in Orlando offer real-time data analytics for the proper organization of data and storage management. According to the Hadoop Market Adoption Survey report, real-time data analytics offer critical insights in the decision-making process to determine which data to retain and for how long to keep it.

With such fast and detailed data interpretation, it is possible to identify relevant data that meets your operational goals and IT regulations-by ensuring its availability for audits.

Complying with Data Storage Regulation Policies

Data collection and storage regulation policies provide specific guidelines that define the duration you may keep customer data in the short-term and the long-term. For instance, HIPAA requires the retention of data as per the laws set by states.

However, the data retention regulations are merely a minimum requirement, and you can build on them to craft a custom data retention policy for your company.


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