Upgrade Your Email Security with IT Support in Orlando

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What is the current state of your business email security? Every business needs measures and controls to prevent personal and business emails from being the entry point to a cyber-attack. Emails are such a vital and everyday means of communication, and they also present an easy inroad for hacking through phishing emails, social engineering, and malware. A data breach can put at risk the reputation, relationships, finances, and operations of a business, so every area of risk must be adequately addressed and mitigated. With IT support in Orlando, you can upgrade your email security and protect sensitive business information.

Important Email Security Practices to Implement

Email security practices keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access to company information. It can and must be tackled on two fronts—as a business and as individual end users. An IT support group in Orlando can advise you and assist you with implementing some of the following email security practices:

  • Employee training
  •  Password management - To prevent unauthorized access to emails, passwords must be strong, kept private, and routinely changed.
  • Email encryption
  • Proactive scanning and monitoring of emails using software
  • Protecting mobile devices connected to the business network - With more and more businesses adopting BYOD policies, devices must be adequately protected since they can easily fall into the wrong hands. Remote locking capabilities can help in the event a device is lost or stolen.
  • Patch management and software and system updates - Antivirus programs and firewalls must be kept up-to-date to prevent a glitch in their functions.
  • Access control - It should be a priority to limit who can access business information.

Email Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

As mentioned above, employee training is an important part of cybersecurity, because it takes a team effort to protect a business. Every staff member with access to email and business information must be trained on the importance of data security, how to recognize social engineering scams, and on data security best practices.

Some of the responsibilities of the end users include being on the watch for suspicious looking emails and requests, keeping their passwords private and changing them often, and being responsible about what kind of information is shared using email.

If you need to upgrade your email security measures and receive IT support in Orlando, contact us at ION247. We understand the security risks facing businesses across different industries, and we have experience in upgrading their security measures. We also provide a wide range of managed services.