The cost of telephone lines, on-site phone systems, and on-going support can be high.  Not to mention that after 5 years, you now have to reinvest more money to upgrade the system.

ION Phone is a cloud-based phone system that is available from any location.  No expense infrastructure for every branch.  Plus, you get all of the latest features for one low monthly cost.

Did we mention that all phone system changes are covered by the ION247 Service Desk?  Have a new employee, just put a request in.  Our team will get the phone re-configured.  We will own the phone administrator for your company.


  • Hardware to install, hardware to maintain. Since you have a phone system in your office it can fail and you’ll have to replace it. It’s out of date the day you install it, and may have to be upgraded in the future.
  • Difficult to upgrade. If you want to add additional phones, you may have to add additional modules to support your growth.
  • Hasn’t kept up with a mobile world. Increasingly, we’re out of the office and our main connection is via a smartphone. Traditional phone systems don’t work well in that environment.
  • Support is a pain. Typical phone service companies will charge you a service call fee any time you need help with the system, and they often need to come on site to help you with any issues.


  • Extension dialing
  • Call transfers
  • 1000 Person Conference
  • Call forwarding to any phone
  • Smartphone apps for iPhone, Android
  • Business SMS
  • Department extensions & voicemail boxes
  • Call distribution in simultaneous, sequential, & rotating order
  • Voicemail to e-mail & text alerts
  • Contact Center Available
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Company greeting & directory
  • Custom answering rules (business hours, after hours, holiday)
  • Call Recording
  • Unlimited calling & faxing(US & Canada)
  • 1000 toll-free minutes
  • Toll-free or local main company number
  • One local number/EFax for each user
  • Voicemail for each user, with email delivery
  • Auto-receptionist & company directory

With ION247 User Support

  • Complete setup and configuration of phone system including auto-receptionist, hours of operation, answering/routing rules and
    dial-by-name directory.
  • Script and record all necessary greetings including night greeting, user greetings, call screening, connect prompts, and voicemails.
  • Install and set up soft phone on all computers for all users. E-Fax is included.
  • Install and set up mobile apps on smartphones for all users (iPhones and Android phones).
  • Install and configure desk phones and configure router including the QoS (Quality of Service).
  • Port numbers from existing phone providers.
  • Provide training for all users.

For more information about this service, please contact us at 844.466.2474.